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Casino Winner can be seen as one of the most Trustly online casinos for players in the EU. The activities have been focused on EU players from the start of their establishment and that is no different now. It is therefore a popular casino, where a fixed group of players has settled and where new players still sign up as members. The reputation is excellent and we have not yet gained experience with players who were not satisfied in one way or another. Moreover, reliability is beyond question, as Casino Winner is part of a company that is listed on the stock exchange. Here our experiences.


A group of loyal fans

Once you have chosen to gamble at Casino Winner and like to take a gamble on a regular basis, you will usually return and not choose another online casino so quickly. The crowd of loyal fans predominates and the nice thing about it is that you can also come across this. For example, during a visit to the live casino at one of the tables for live blackjack or live roulette. Even if you do not want to go live gambling right away, it is nice and cozy to experience the atmosphere in a live casino.

We obviously have experience with gambling in the live casino and, like other players, we cannot say that the dealers are great and you feel that you are welcome. Salon Privé, by the way, is another Casino Winner Horse’s favorite and is there especially for the players who prefer to bet somewhat higher amounts at the gaming tables. The decor of a real casino enters your image and you feel like a VIP while playing. It is almost as if you are part of the gaming floor at the Salon Privé casino.

Minimum bonus conditions

The range of games, diversity and variety must of course be at a good level to return to an online casino more often. That is certainly the case in Casino Winner, because in addition to Netent there are a number of excellent casino software providers that offer casino games in this online casino. As far as the bonus conditions are concerned, the casino certainly stands out. We often hear that from other players who tend to shop between online casinos in order to benefit as much as possible from different casino bonuses. Releasing the welcome bonus is already possible by using the bonus money only 15 times. These are minimum bonus conditions and give you as a player a real chance to actually unlock the casino bonus and also to save money on the bonus through the profit that is made.

The welcome bonus itself is not very impressive with a maximum amount of 100 euros that can be obtained, but is 100 percent on the first deposit. This online casino offers the possibility to unlock the bonus on different casino games, such as on slots. A 20 percent percentage of the bet is taken into account when unlocking if bonus money is bet on roulette or blackjack. Bonus released and do you want the money paid out? Casino Winner is known for the quick payout. Depending on the day on which a request for payment is made, the money may already be in your account within a day. Incidentally, we have heard from other players that it can sometimes change, because it can also take two business days.

Customer service is there to serve players and you can rely on it via chat, telephone or e-mail. In all respects we can safely say that, like a large group of EU players, Casino Winner is among the best with the best casinos for EU players.

Casino Winner

Welcome bonus: 7.5

The welcome bonus gets a 7.5 from me, because the maximum amount of 100 euros is not the highest compared to other online casinos. However, it is favorable that you get 100 percent on your deposit and that the bonus money only has to be used 15 times to be released for payment.

Experience Reliability: 10

I give the figure 10 for reliability. That is in the first place because Casino Winner falls under the well-known Maltese casino and that is again a listed company. The casino is licensed in Malta and I have not heard from other players about negative experiences either.

Payout: 9

The payout is really good. You can have the profit paid out when you submit a request for it and I often get it into my account within a day. It has sometimes happened that it took a day longer.

Offer of casino games: 9

The range of casino games in the online, live and mobile casino is very varied and you can also bet on sports. Because there is a lot of variation, the game offer gets the rating of 9.

Helpdesk: 8

The customer service is always available, but not always live. Via chat and telephone yes, but not 24 hours a day. I’d rather have a direct answer instead of having to wait until I receive an email.

Style and atmosphere: 7.5

The atmosphere in the online casino is how you experience it yourself, because you won’t meet other players there. That is different in the live casino where it is always nice to not only gamble, but with others. I find the design to be stylish and that is partly due to the sleek design and use of color.

User-friendliness: 8.5

The site is user-friendly and it is very easy to change games or to go from the online casino to sports or to the live casino. An 8.5 for user-friendliness.

Mobile gambling: 9

Mobile gambling on my smartphone is Trustly and all the way in Casino Winner, where I also get mobile access to the live casino. For my part, the mobile casino is worth a good 9


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