Deposit Methods

In the online casino, players are offered the opportunity to choose from different deposit methods for transferring money to the player account. At the cash register in the online casino an overview is shown of the available payment options. Every online casino offers players several payment options, because of course each player has their own preference when it comes to depositing money. Usually there are no costs associated with a payment method and in most cases the money is immediately on the balance.


Visa’s credit card

Visa’s credit card offers great payment convenience and can be used worldwide. There are therefore many players who hold this card and also make online payments with it, such as on a casino account. This option is available at the checkout and the money is immediately made available to the player after the transaction. To transfer the money, the CVC code is needed on the back of the card. The money is not directly debited from the account linked to the credit card, but on the date as specified in the credit card agreement.


Mastercard is a credit card that is accepted all over the world and that can be used to pay in an online casino. It is therefore a deposit method that is almost always available at the checkout. The transaction is quick and the money is immediately available for the player. All transactions realized with this payment card are fully secured. On the back there is a CVC code for extra security and control that must be entered if this payment option is chosen.


Skrill is a deposit method that is regularly used by a large number of players to deposit money into the player account. That is because it is a simple method of payment, where there is a digital wallet. Anyone wishing to use this payment option for the first time must open an account with Skrill. Incidentally, this is completely free.


Neteller is an e-wallet and, translated into Dutch, is an electronic wallet. This deposit method can usually be found in the list of payment options that can be consulted at the checkout. To use it, an account with Neteller can be opened. In addition to making it easy to deposit money, this method also provides a way to transfer winnings from the player’s account to Neteller’s account.


The Paysafecard makes it possible to deposit money in an anonymous manner, with no amounts appearing on a bank statement. This is because it is a prepaid card that can be purchased in advance at a point of sale for a certain value. There is a code with numbers on the card and that code must be entered in the online casino during the deposit process. Incidentally, the entire credit need not be deposited from the card, but it can also be a part of it.

Ukash Ukash is a prepaid payment card that is purchased in advance and with which money can be deposited directly into a player’s account without having to enter personal or financial details. Ukash has also been taken over by Paysafecard, so that this option as an independent payment method has been canceled.


Clickandbuy is a payment option that has not really achieved great popularity among players in the EU. The popularity with others may not have been that great either, because this deposit method is no longer available.