Play with free spins

Playing for free on slots usually means that free spins are distributed by the online casino. This means that you do not have to pay to get the reels to spin, but that you play for free based on a fixed number of spins. For example, if you get 10 free spins, the reels always spin ten times for free. Of course you have the chance that a winning combination will fall and that you will make a profit, so that you can make the reels spin more than ten times in total. Free spins are most often given by Casino Winner when a new game presents itself, giving players the opportunity to get to know it for free. It also happens that free rounds are part of the welcome bonus.


Gambling without depositing money

Gambling without depositing money is possible if you use a special offer. In online casinos where Netent is the game provider, these types of offers are often made. You will notice that if you are a regular visitor to, for example, Casino Winner where you can play Netent casino games. It is of course the perfect situation if you can gamble on a slot machine in an online casino without having to transfer money yourself first.

It is not only easy to gamble with free spins on slots in an online casino, but also huge nice and even without the risk of losing your own money. You can, after all, gamble without having to deposit money. It becomes even more fun if you manage to make a profit with the free rounds that have been allocated. That chance is always present, because it is not often the case that the reels spin one after the other and that there is no single winning combination. There seem to be almost only advantages associated with playing free spins on slots in an online casino. However, a disadvantage can also be found.

The disadvantage of free spins

The only disadvantage that can be said of free spins is that there is a need to play the spins or the value that is represented there. The luck is that in Casino Winner the conditions for the release are usually set favorable, so that it is possible to fully release the free spin bonus. After unlocking the spins and any winnings, it becomes the real money that can be paid out. You must of course submit a request for this yourself. By the way, you can also ignore the disadvantage, because the free spins give you the opportunity to discover a new slot machine without having to deposit money in a fun and non-obligatory way. It is therefore advisable not to ignore such an offer, but to take full advantage of it at Casino Winner.