We consider careful handling of personal data that are known to be sensitive to privacy to be of great importance. If we process privacy-sensitive data, we will take the greatest possible care. When processing personal data, we are aligned with the requirements as they can be found in the Personal Data Protection Act. We are responsible for the way in which your personal data is processed via this website. We recommend that you read this privacy statement carefully so that you are informed of our privacy policy.

Personal data

Data may be left behind when you visit our website and this may include privacy-sensitive data. We hereby declare that your personal data will only be used if you have provided the data directly to us or that this has been made clear when leaving your data. Incidentally, company data does not fall under the Personal Data Protection Act and this privacy statement therefore only applies to private visitors. With personal data you can think of your e-mail address and name, address and place of residence.


If you can leave your data on this website in a direct way, this will be done for example by means of a form or open field

For example, you can sign up for a newsletter or complete the contact form to contact us. We save the information when it arrives, but only for as long as it is necessary to handle the matter. We may contact you by e-mail for commercial purposes, but it is of course always possible that you indicate that you do not want to be charged. There is therefore a cancellation option available. If necessary, data can be collected for the location, but if that is the case, your permission will be explicitly requested. If another party, such as Google Maps, stores data, the privacy statement of that party applies to this.

Register for services

You may have to register for certain services. The registered data then consist of, for example, a user name and personal data. This data is then saved by us to make it easier for you next time. In that case you do not have to fill in the details at every visit, but you get direct access to the services. If you register with Casino Winner via this website, this party will handle the registered data in its own way.

We will in no way share privacy-sensitive data with third parties or provide it to other parties. This only happens if there is a legal obligation or if there is a case of potential fraud. In the event of fraud or abuse of this website or a suspicion thereof, we may make your data available to the competent authorities.


Security measures are taken to prevent possible misuse or unauthorized access to personal data.

As stated, we do not provide your data to third parties, but there are social media buttons available. If you use it, the relevant social media channel can collect and store your data. With regard to your data, further statistics are kept, but without names or other personal data. The data for the statistics is therefore anonymous.

This privacy statement does not apply in any way to third-party websites. You can end up on a third-party website through this website, such as the Casino Winner website. In that case the application of this privacy statement is no longer the case, but the policy as applied by the other party applies. We give no guarantees and make no statements about the privacy statements of other parties. You can of course always take the opportunity to read the privacy statement of the other party before you continue to use the website.

The content of this privacy statement may be changed in the future, so we recommend that you review the statement again to check whether changes have been made when you visit this website again. If you have questions about the content of this statement, you are free to contact us.

Can I only gamble at Casino Winner when I am 18?

Yes, players in the EU are only allowed to gamble legally when the age of 18 is reached. The player account will be deactivated if a player under the age of 18 has registered at the online casino.

Why do I have to provide personal information?

It is always necessary to provide some personal information when opening an account in Casino Winner. This is because the account is assigned to an individual and, for security reasons, personal information must be entered. This way, abuse is prevented and players under the age of 18 can be banned.

What happens to my information?

The personal information is stored by Casino Winner, whereby the information is of course handled securely and carefully. Privacy is guaranteed because data is not provided to third parties or sold to others.

Do I have to send a copy of my credit card?

Yes, for depositing money with a credit card it is necessary to have a copy from both sides of the card send. It is also necessary in this case to send a copy of a valid proof of identity. In this way, fraud with the credit card is prevented.

Is bank information checked?

When winning a large amount of money for which a request for payment has been submitted, the name and address of the player are checked by Casino Winner. This is not the case with small amounts, but from amounts of 2,300 euros.

Is it necessary to allow cookies?

Casino Winner uses cookies. Everyone can manually disable cookies via the web browser. The cookies are used, among other things, to track who is logged in and who is not.